How To Weight Train For A Lean Healthy Body As Part Of A Sensible Weight Loss Program

How To Weight Train For A Lean Healthy Body As Part Of A Sensible Weight Loss Program

In this article you will learn the tips and tricks for maintaining a lean healthy body as follows:
1)How often to weight train.
2)Why emphasize the bigger muscle groups in your routine
3)I will out line the actual routine I use to sculpt and strengthen my body spending minimum time in the gym
4)The importance of stretching and limbering immediately after each exercise .
5)The cure for stubborn abdominals.

Things You may Need:

Gym membership
proper running shoes
Ipod or other listening device

Fat is not the enemy it can be your best friend! Question often asked is How often should one weight train? my suggestion as an accomplished health and fitness coach is: It depends on your objectives. If you are a body builder on the off season then I recommend every other day. Twelve weeks before a contest work daily utilizing a split routine. If you are the regular Joe or Jane trying to convert fat and build muscle density you may want to alternate weight training with cardiovascular exercise like cycling or running. Personally I prefer running with proper running shoes. So if you intend to begin a running program hurry down to the running store and get fitted. Be prepared to spend at least $120.00us for which you may walk away with a brooks beast one of the most durable running shoes on the market. So for the beginner lets combine a little jogging to warm you up before going into the gym then in the gym we are going to emphasize those exercises that burns the most calories. Remember always the key to [fat conversion] is burning more calories than we consume. And initially working through the [glycogen storage]fancy word for blood sugar. Please look for my other article on How to take advantage of the bodies energy systems to burn fat and achieve ideal body weight. Okay with that said lets get ready for some sweating! Lets burn some calories!

What did you say? Okay in the gym we will emphasize the largest muscle groups beginning with the legs. The top muscle of the legs is called the quads. This a major muscle group that is stressed when we do squats. For the novice this is the weight training exercise we do with the bar and weights sitting on our shoulders. I strongly recommend only half squats because its so easy to injure the ligaments and tendons in the knees. Half squats means do it over a bench and only squat down as far as the bench. Use a manageable weight begin light and work your way up stopping way before you begin to push your personal limits. I will recommend doing 3 sets of 10 reps. For the novice that means go for a count of 10 three times resting in between and thoroughly recovering before attempting the next one. The other big muscle we will emphasize is the lower back. By the way for both this exercise and the previous you will absolutely need a safety belt. We want to strengthen the back not injure it capiche? Begin light to feel out the weight. Bend over at the waist with the knees cracked. Grasp the weight one hand in and one hand out. Straighten the knees and the back slowly and deliberately. Repeat for a count of 10 resting in between 3 sets as above. Okay next big muscle is abdominals. Lets do sit ups on the incline. 4 sets of 25 at your own pace. Begin where you can and work your way up to this point. Another big muscle we almost overlooked is the hamstring sometimes called your leg biceps. That is the large muscle at the back of the leg or quad. You will need to ask some one in the gym to point you to the machine designed for working the hamstring and as usual begin light and work your way up. The next large muscle we are going to work is the chest or pectorals with what we call bench presses. There is a technique to this exercise for safety always work with a partner with this one and feel out this exercise with light weights even with just the bar. Okay the next exercise is what we call the military press. Seated on a bench with the bar firmly supported by both hands at shoulder level, press upwards extending the arms at the elbows. Repeat with manageable weight like above for three sets of ten. Okay these muscle groups will cause you to burn a considerable amount of calories and that’s the objective. You will want to maintain a momentum as you progress through these exercises keeping in mind that the rest period needs to be minimal.

Okay I will now outline my routine that I personally use to sculpt and strengthen in minimum time. When I go to the gym I mean business I don’t wish to spend any more time than is absolutely necessary to get the job done. So I do my cardio outside the gym that is I run. I enter the gym and go straight to what we call clean and jerks. This exercise is done with barbells beginning on the ground and is the longest distance you will carry a weight in two motion. The weight is snapped from the ground to the shoulders pause then all the way to the top with fully extended arms. There is a technique to this exercise and practice becomes perfect. Okay I squeeze out three sets of six with forty-five pound on each side of the bar. That does it for me some go heavier some lighter. My next exercise will be leg presses and this is where I pile on the weights. My legs are my strongest assets and I do high reps of 50 with about six forty five pound plates on each side of the machine. Since I am here I will work my calves as well in between while I am resting the big muscle but the emphasis is on the big muscle that is going to hog up the calories. When I am finished here I have zapped! usually if I still feel like I can do more I would do some bench press with light weights for sets of 20 bouncing the weight of my chest and working with a rhythm preferably to music. I love working out with music with a good tempo it zaps the boredom and enables me to really enjoy my exercise. That’s the magic word ENJOY! Whatever you enjoy its real easy to have continuity.
Importance of stretching and limbering between sets. I cannot over emphasize this after each weight training exercise I stretch and limber. This is critical to strengthen the ligaments and tendons and avoid injury. A effective addition to this is alternating the muscle groups. In other words if you work quads or the top of the leg each time you extend you stretch the hamstrings. If you super set this with hamstrings then when you contract your hamstrings you stretch your quads. You see how that works isn’t that neat? I strongly recommend stretching in addition to this. I have been working out all my life since the age of five when my Dad initiated me and I have only been injure once so there is the proof. Learning proper form in weight training and optimum stretching is the key to avoiding downtime due to injury both for the novice and the professional athlete. This body of ours is kinetic in other words we were designed to be on the move like nomads. So since we happen to live in settled communities now we have to simulate. We have to stretch and move. When I am working my legs I stretch the muscle I am working after each set to squeeze the blood out of it and the in the case of my legs I snap my legs at the knee joint for a count of twenty. This improves the reflexes in the knee joint as well as it a good feeling! So move and stretch and reach for the skies!
Okay lets burn some calories! Is there such a thing as spot reducing? enough people have asked me this question for me to give it special consideration here. Most look at areas like their abdominals where there is stubborn accumulated fat and would like some magic bullet to target this area and magically burn away the fat. I have to disappoint you on this one. No its is not possible to spot reduce. The body generally reduces fat uniformly throughout the body. So if you do not like you belly fat or your love handles you will have to focus on a program of cardio vascular exercise that will burn more calories than you consume. Then leave the rest up to the body to strip away the fat uniformly over a period of time. Sorry there is no quick fix here and if anyone tells you otherwise tell them Ed said so! So there you have it go get busy summer will soon be here again and you can show off your results!
Tips & Warnings

Always, always thoroughly warm up before any kind of weight training exercise (See Anatomy of a workout)
Practice safety first best to have a partner to spot you with certain types of weight training.
Always use a safety belt.
Always stretch before and after.(See < a href="">Anatomy of a workout
For best results always do at least 25 minutes of cardio before weight training in order to deplete the glycogen storage or sugar in the blood then you can begin to burn fat! (See < a href="">Anatomy of a workout
Breathe deeply. Force yourself to concentrate on your breathing!
Relax the other muscles that are not working! This is otherwise know as isolation!

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