Month: May 2011

The Essential Peice of The Wellness Puzzle….

There are many elements that are required to achieve optimal health. We all know that ample sleep, exercise, water, stress reduction and diet are the basic components. Within each of those categories are found sub-categories and specific recommendations. Within the realm of diet, weight loss alone is not the answer. One must eat the correct food to support health and

How To Lose Weight Faster With Fiber

Who Else Wants To Lose Weight Faster?   Some people have a love-hate relationship with fiber. On one hand you love it because it really fills you up because it’s either really bulky when you eat it (like bran and beans – insoluble fiber) or it expands and fills your stomach once consumed (like psyllium and flaxseeds – soluble fiber).

Try This Sneaky Trick To Boost Belly Fat-Burning!

Belly fat is one of the most troublesome problem areas for nearly all people. A flat belly is more attractive for others to look at, is a sign of a fit body, and helps you exude confidence and energy with every step. Women look and feel better in their bikinis with a nice flat stomach; and men look and feel