The Truth About Pain Killers:Consider Carefully The Compromise You Are Making When You Take Over The counter Pain killers Like Tilenol and Others

The Truth About Pain Killers:Consider Carefully The Compromise You Are Making When You Take Over The counter Pain killers Like Tilenol and Others
Edward Williams Sr.

Better Known as 'The Bull"

I consider myself very fortunate to be born first son of a strong proud Belizean man. My dad Edward Williams Sr. introduced me to the world of health and wellness half a century ago. As of date, here I am, still hooked on this healthy addiction!

My dad was a role model to me in many ways. I believe I owe the fact that I have never been sick in 55 years and that today I am in best of health and fitness, as I have ever been, to him. He believed strongly in prevention and was totally against any kind of pill popping whatsoever especially pain killers. He use to say that pain is a signal that something is not right and our job is to fix the problem and the alarm will go away, simple, straight forward and to the point. I grew up totally free of these and totally free of aches and pains because he did not entertain the quick fix mentality. I look back at my childhood and realize how fortunate I was to have such a dad. He was a strong, proud self made Belizean man and I am proud to carry on his heritage as Edward Williams jr.


The Truth About Pain Killers

The Truth About Pain killers

                Well today I wanted to give you my scoop on these over the counter pain killers that many are popping left right and center. Ignorance is definately not bliss, its extremely expensive where issues like these are concerned. Lets take a closer look at what we are doing when we take pain killers like tilenol and others that are on the market.

                       Humor me for a moment and imagine you are the proud owner of your dream home which happens to have a sophisticated alarm system, that cost you a grip! Well one day this alarm goes off for whatever reasons and man it is loud and unbearable rousing up the the entire neighbourhood. The only thing you can think of is that you want it to stop now! Your knee jerk reaction is to hit the thing with something so it will stop! And just imagned yourself succumbing to this impulse, grabbing a nearby mallet and hitting the box with it. Well it did stop immediately and you went on about your business relieved telling yourself you will deal with it later. Well what if you forgot about it and one day wake up to find a burgler in the house standing over you with a gun in hand. Hopefully this is just a dream and you are going to wake up at some point but here is some food for thought. This is exactly what you do to your body’s suphisticated alarm system when you take pain killers. You see pain, fever and swelling are the body’s alarms that tell us something is not right and our job is no to treat the alarm but the source of the alarm. Today however we have fallen victims to symptomatic treatment. We want quick relief from the symptoms and we can deal with the problem later. Well the other day a friend of mine who works as a security guard was driving to work and had a heart attack whilst driving and crashed into a crowded supermarket killing a few innocent people.  He seem fine healthwise outwardly but the post mortem revealed that he was a walking, driving accident about to happen. His body’s delicate alarm system was totally disabled by his prolonged use of pain killers. Well thats what happens eventually the alarm fails to go off so we are unaware of the thief in the house. How unfortunate! and what a price to pay for what in some cases happened to be nothing but a little tension head ache that a little R & R can quickly fix with no side effects. The problem with these pain killers is that the manufacturers know fully well what the side effects are but they are dealing with responsible adults, they tell themselves and if knowing that the side effects includes liver desease and kidney failure, they still buy them and pop them like crazy then thats on them right? So in case of tilenol what do they do? They clear their concience by putting the warning on the box not on the bottle knowing fully well that this box is going to end up in the garbage.

                         Well I am happy today to inform you that there are healthy alternatives for relieving pain and suffering without compromising   your kidneys and liver:   

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