Do NOT Eat These 4 Foods If You Want To Lose Fat Fast!

Do NOT Eat These 4 Foods If You Want To Lose Fat Fast!
I know its after midnight and I should be sleeping. Believe it or not
I was just about to go jump in the shower and hit the sack but I
decided to read just one more email. This one turned out to be
an email from one of my health and fitness mentors. His name is
Craig Ballantine. Well I followed the links in his email to watch a
video which literally knocked the sleep right out of me.
I just had to share this with you before I hit the sack.
Here is his email verbatim:
Back in November I was having dinner with world-famous nutritionist
Isabel De Los Rios and her husband in Los Angeles, California.
And believe me, I kept an eye on what she had to eat, after all,  
she’s one of my three trusted sources for nutrition secrets.
Then the next day I went with her and a group of fitness experts to
Bill Phillips’ house in Beverly Hills. And I noticed he was listening
to every word she said as well!
And then the next morning, I saw her having breakfast with
Tim Ferriss, the NY Times best-selling author.

Wow, does she have a lot of guys listening to her advice on nutrition!

As my friend Joel Marion says, “When Isabel speaks, I listen…and so
should you.”

=> Do NOT Eat These 4 Foods if you want to lose fat fast

Take a few minutes to watch Isabel’s free presentation she created
for you, where she’ll expose four of the foods you should NEVER
eat if you want to lose belly fat fast.




This video is just in time to help cure your belly fat problem from the
foods you’ll eat over the easter holidays.


I listen to what Isabel says (and I watch what SHE eats),

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=> 4 Foods NEVER to eat (free presentation)

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