Month: October 2011

Celebrate With Us The Launch Of Our New Value Added Memberships

Now You Can Get Even More Bang For Your Buck! Celebrate With Us The Launch Of Our brand New Value Added Memberships. It’s What You Have Been Waiting For! When The Best Joins Forces With The Best What Do You Have? The Absolute Best Deal! The Radisson and Royal Wellness Center….. We Have Sealed The Deal So You Can Reap

The Obesity Solution

                 Today Obesity has become a household word! The reality is the it has reached epidemic proportions worldwide and people are confused and simply don’t know what to do. Here at Royal Wellness Center we are committed to provide the answers. We have done our due dilligence and are proud to reveal  exactly how we are poineering the

Body Diagnostic Consultation

Did you know that… only 11% of the population take the initiative towards the accomplishment of their health & fitness goals? Here’s another interesting fact for you… only 2% of the people who take the initiative actually get results – Why? Well the truth is that they embark on a journey without some very necessary tools,accessories and resources for example a coach / mentor

Caring Is Contagious Please Help Us Spread It Around

Here at  Belize Fit Body Clinic we have one and only one marketing strategy its called: CARING Here are our commitments, Competitors beware! You may “out-smart” us, but you will never “out-CARE” us. You may know more, but you will NEVER CARE MORE. You may have more experience, but you will never have more CARING. You may make more money, but

12 Changes You Can Make To Your Daily Routine To “Defy The Aging Process”

If you haven’t already done so switch to an active lifestyle by immediately starting a weekly excercise program. Begin with power walking then graduate to run walk (That is run one minute walk one minute. Note this format has been proven to burn more fat and speed up metabolic rate). Here are some simple but effective body weight exercises you