12 Changes You Can Make To Your Daily Routine To “Defy The Aging Process”

12 Changes You Can Make To Your Daily Routine To “Defy The Aging Process”
  1. If you haven’t already done so switch to an active lifestyle by immediately starting a weekly excercise program. Begin with power walking then graduate to run walk (That is run one minute walk one minute. Note this format has been proven to burn more fat and speed up metabolic rate). Here are some simple but effective body weight exercises you can begin doing rightaway before or after your runs/walks or by themselves Click here
    Also Click here for a FREE Consultation and trial membership at Belize’s first and only “Royal Wellness Center”. Choose an activity: cycling, Power Walking, marathon running, swimming, golfing, bowling etc and begin enjoying immediately! The plan: workout Monday thru Thursday, rest on Friday. endurance activity on Saturday and rest on Sunday
  2. Drink 1 litre of water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning after the first month step it up to 2 litres. In addition carry a litre bottle and drink water throughout the day, every hour! Many are under the misconception that the body can somehow get hydrated from drinks like, coffee, tea, bottled juices, sodas etc. Not on the contrary these sugary drinks dehydate the body and contribute to the high incidence of diabetes. Remember another name for soda or soft drinks is “death in a bottle” Avoid these like a plague! Note: I highly recommend “Alkaline Water
  3. Take each of your three meals a day and bust them into two by simply eating half then pushing away from the table. Consume the rest in a few hours!
  4. Begin the concious practice of chewing at least 20 preferrably 32 times before swallowing. Chew and be aware when eating. Note: this simple little seemingly insignificant practice can boost your energy level and kick chronic fatigue to the curb!
  5. Consume plenty of seasonal fruits (bananas etc) and nuts daily. Add dietary fiber supplement to your daily regimen. And stop consuming refined sugar (The silent killer), white flour and white rice!
  6. Supplement your diet with a good multi-vitamin
  7. Avoid exposure to toxic chemicals Discover Green Living
  8. Convert to consumer products with NO toxic chemical additives. Get in the habit of reading labels
  9. Insist on fresh clean air…avoid exhaust fumes and second hand cigarette smoke
  10. Quite smoking if you do and limit your alcoholic beverages to one or two drinks.
  11. Flush and clean your filter daily (upper respiratory system)
  12. Last but certainly not least, “Have a sense of humour” Laugh a lot!Lighten up its not that serious!

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