Celebrate With Us The Launch Of Our New Value Added Memberships

Celebrate With Us The Launch Of Our New Value Added Memberships

Now You Can Get Even More Bang For Your Buck! Celebrate With Us The Launch Of Our brand New Value Added Memberships. It’s What You Have Been Waiting For! When The Best Joins Forces With The Best What Do You Have?

The Absolute Best Deal!

The Radisson and Royal Wellness Center….. We Have Sealed The Deal So You Can Reap The Benefits. But wait there is more…We are in a wonderful mood here at Royal Wellness Center and we want you to benefit….

In Celebration of Our Partnership With The Radisson we are offering to those who will seize the moment

“The Best Ever Membership Package”

For all those who thought our membership was high end hold on to your hat or better still sit down as we are about to rock your world!

We have thought long and hard about this and figured at the very least it’s the right thing to do. We have decided to make it a no brainer for you to be able to make a long term commitment to your health and wellness whilst at the same time get the best deal ever on our monthly membership!

So here is the bad news first…. Because we have added value we have decided to raise the price of our monthly membership. Many of our members have been requesting resistance training as a means of building muscle density, toning and torching fat! We have listened and taken action by way of our proposal to the Radisson. Our members choosing the particular membership package will benefit from the use of One Of The Best Gyms in the country period!

The Radisson Gym

On the other end of the spectrum obesity has plagued us and we have been brainstorming how to address this. Majority of our clinically obese clients cannot handle the impact associated with most exercise that will enable them to burn the calories….

Pool Aerobics

Presenting Pool Aerobics…Problem solved!

Well you get what you pay for right?

And since there is added value reasonable increase in price is expected right?

What would you expect to pay for a membership package like ours with the added value?

Let’s review our offer. Visualize with me for a moment!

You walk in the door at Royal Wellness Center and this is what you get!

  1. Baseline nutritional and fitness assessment documenting your vital numbers like, BMI, Body Fat %,Visceral Fat Rating, Body water %, Muscle mass, Bone mass, Basal Metabolic rate and many more! These numbers may not mean anything to you initially but they will after our consultation. It’s important to know where you are compared to where you want to be from a health and wellness standpoint.
  2. After explaining these numbers we proceed to help you set and visualize S.M.A.R.T goals in order to establish firmly in mind where you want to be in what time.
  3. We then design a workout program for you that will get you to those goals in the shortest possible time
  4. We take you by the hand for the first 30 days at least and walk you through this program teaching you proper form and in the process give you the confidence to walk into any gym and know what to do and how to do it!
  5. As a part of this membership package you get monthly assessments to stay on course toward the speedy accomplishment of your health & wellness goals.
  6. Membership includes free sauna treatments and a plethora of calorie burning fun activities to choose from like Zumba, Salsa, Aerobics, Yoga and Spin Classes. Bear in mind this is what I like to call “Gravy”. We try to create an atmosphere conducive to the burning of extra calories since the formula for weight management is “Burn More Calories Than You Consume”
  7. Our Studio is opened Mon thru Fri from 5 am to 8:30pm. Saturdays 5am to 2pm and otherwise on request. All members are welcome to utilize our personal fitness area at their convenience. Royal Wellness Center is your Oasis of health and fitness, your home away from home!

A Home Away From Home

Now tell me where about on this planet can you get this kind of value for a mere $150 per month? Well in spite of all that we have decided in celebration of the launching of our new value added membership and partnership with the Radisson for a limited time to make an offer to the first 20 people to act!

An absolute no brainer…

Hold onto your hats now! Better still sit down!

How does $50 per month sound to you?

1/3 our monthly membership!

A whopping discount of $100 per month!

Limited time offer!

Available only to the first 20 people.

Please note that this is a suspendable upfront annual membership

An absolute Win Win! But you need to act fast

Time is of essence!  Click here to get in now

Ed Williams

Telephone: 501 223 7925

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