Month: November 2011

21 Day Fitness Solution for The Holidays

The upcoming holidays are supposed to be the happiest time of the year. If you’re one to gain weight at this time though, they may not turn out to be so happy. I know that there’s a lot to do and plan and holiday stress can take its toll. If you’re like most women, the success of a happy holiday

From The Bottom Of My Heart I Want To Say Thank YOU!

It’s Thanksgiving day in the US. And whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving today, or if you’re in another country enjoying just another Thursday, I wanted to take a moment to give YOU a heart felt  thanks… …for being a loyal reader of our blog/Newsletter, a client, and a friend. I’m very blessed to have the opportunity to serve the industry that I

Guide to IDEAL Serving Sizes

This much is the same as    3 ounces = 1 serving of meat, chicken, turkey, or fish        1 cup or 8oz  =1 serving of cooked vegetables salads   ½ cup or 4 ounces =  1 serving of fruit or fruit juice starchy vegetables, such as potatoes or corn pinto beans and other dried beans rice or

A Woman’s Body “The Most Highly Sophisticated Health System If Only We Knew How To Appreciate It!

Patriarchy Results In Addiction This is one of the most powerful statements if we can truly understand what it really means. Lets ponder this…. Our Judeo Christian heritage, the fabric of western civilization sees “The Female Body” and female sexuality (Our Nurturing Mothers and sisters) in the person of Eve as responsible for the downfall of mankind! Men pause for

Yoga: Fitness For The Whole Body

Yoga is an ancient system of personal development encompassing mind, body and spirit. It is now embraced by modern science and by millions of Americans. Yoga can benefit anybody, from babies to seniors, and can be adapted for any body, from pregnant women to hardcore athletes. Take a class and see why yoga is often called the fountain of life.