Common Behavioral Symptoms of Stress

Common Behavioral Symptoms of Stress
  • Obesity and Over-eating
  • Increased or excessive drinking of alcohol
  • Loss of appetite or anorexia
  • If you smoke – you’ll smoke more
  • Increased coffee consumption
  • Excessive and continuing irritability with other people
  • Substance Abuse
  • You can’t make decisions, large or small.
  • Unable to concentrate – (common symptom of stress)
  • Increased and suppressed anger
  • Loss of your sense of humor
  • Paranoia
  • Not be able to cope with life, feeling out of control
  • Jump from one job to another without finishing things
  • Excessive emotion & crying at small irritations
  • Lack of interest in anything other than work
  • Permanently tired even after sleep – (another very common symptom of stress)
  • Decreased sex drive / libido

Causes of stress in life including:

  • Death: of spouse, family, friend
  • Health: injury, illness, pregnancy
  • Crime: Sexual molestation, mugging, burglary, pick-pocketed
  • Self-abuse: drug abuse, alcoholism, self-harm
  • Family change: separation, divorce, new baby, marriage
  • Sexual problems: getting partner, with partner
  • Arguments: with spouse, family, friends, co-workers, boss
  • Physical changes: lack of sleep, new work hours
  • New location: vacation, moving house
  • Money: lack of it, owing it, investing it
  • Environment change: in school, job, house, town, jail
  • Responsibility increase: new dependent, new job

Stress at work

  1. The demands of the job : Uncomfortable workplace, long hours
  2. The control staff have over how they do their work
  3. The support they receive from colleagues and superiors
  4. The relationships with colleagues

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