Month: June 2012

The good ‘ol FDA in all it’s brilliance has done it Again! Another New Diet Pill

Just yesterday the FDA approved another new diet pill for doctors to prescribe to obese patients. Here’s the news article… The new drug is called Belvig. The FDA had denied approval for this drug in  2010 when scientist showed concerns that the drug may actually cause tumors in people. Tumors! But just yesterday the FDA approved this drug  after “new information”

Give Blood…….. so you can say “I am a Blood Donor”

What you should know about giving the gift of life. One of the greatest of gifts is blood. And each day, blood donors help complete strangers live better and healthier lives. In some cases, blood donors are responsible for saving someone’s life. Are you a blood donor? What are you waiting for? Who Needs Blood The need for blood is