Month: August 2012

Simple Solutions To Simple Nuisance Health Issues That Can Become Major Health Issues

Its really important to be keen and observant where your physical health is concerned. Today many doctors do not spend enough time on the interview process. The problem is the shift in the emphasis in med school these days. It is said that doctors coming out of med school are trained to do two things well; used the scalpel and

Joint Pains Slowing Down Your Progress or Causing You To compromise Your Fitness Goals?

If your answer is yes or you know someone, read on I have some very good news for you! Besides another season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey there’s one other thing we wouldn’t mind seeing go away… Pain! Like many of you, a number of my clients suffer from joint pain. Age and wear-and-tear have got to the point

What Everyone Should Know About Protein…

Why do you need protein? A question that’s been asking millions of times for various reasons. The answer is that the body uses protein to build muscle, skin, bone, and tissue. So if you’re a weight lifter, bodybuilder, or endurance athlete especially but the truth is everyone need enough protein. Getting plenty of protein is essential to build and maintain

The Best Low Calorie Healthy Snacks For Your…..100 Calories or Less

You’re on a diet. Again. It’s still two hours until dinner and all you can think about is that candy bar. Or maybe dinner was hours ago and you can’t sleep with your tummy growling for a midnight snack. You know you need to eat fewer calories to lose weight, but it’s so hard to deprive yourself of yummy snacks.

Is it possible to eat healthy on a small budget?

When you think of healthy foods what comes to mind? Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, salmon, and a higher price? An unfortunate reality is that many of these healthier choices are pricier than other options that don’t come with the same level of nutritional goodness. With food prices on the rise and your paycheck staying steady or even dropping, it’s

The Truth About Flax Seed

Though small in size, flaxseed packs a big, powerful punch. “Size doesn’t matter.” You’ve heard this saying over and over, and when it comes to the flax seed, it’s absolutely true. Derived from the flax plant, flaxseed may be the size of small sunflower seeds, but it is jam packed with disease- and cancer-fighting ingredients. What should you know about