Simple Solutions To Simple Nuisance Health Issues That Can Become Major Health Issues

Simple Solutions To Simple Nuisance Health Issues That Can Become Major Health Issues

Its really important to be keen and observant where your physical health is concerned. Today many doctors do not spend enough time on the interview process. The problem is the shift in the emphasis in med school these days. It is said that doctors coming out of med school are trained to do two things well; used the scalpel and prescribe drugs. These are touted as the two big money makers. Additionally some doctors think they lose credibility if their practice seem too dependent on the feed back from the patient. Add to this the fact that it has become common knowledge that its the human body that does the heavy lifting in the curing of deseases. It is fast becoming common knowledge that all doctors really do is stimulate the body to cure itself. Well all this underscores the importance of being a keen observer where your body is concerned. In most cases this can help to avoid the escalation of otherwise simple conditions into a life threatening one.    Let me explain exactly what I am talking about by citing an example where keen observation enabled me to take a simple, effective and safe action that went straight to the cause of the problem instead of treating the symptoms.

How many of you like to sleep with a fan? I do. As a mattter of fact here in Belize where I happen to live we have a subtropical climate. Humidity tends to be high and as a result it can be challenging to sleep at night without a fan or air conditioning.  As a result of keen observation I realized that sleeping with a fan constantly blowing in ones face all night can lead to a condition know as “dry eyes’. I found out that dry eyes causes terrible headaches. I realized this because I observed that such headaches tend to go away as soon as the eyes moisturise. Heck I even experimented with this using eye drops and found that such headaches tend to go away almost immediately once the cause is corrected. I realized some time ago that symptoms are the bodies warning system that tells us something is wrong and that our job is to take steps to correct the cause instead of treating the symptoms. For example pain, fever and swelling are symptoms indicating an infection of some sort or the other. Pain killers are actually an assault on the body’s delicate warning system not to mention that they all have common side effects, liver disease and kidney failure! Damn thats a hell of a trade off! A direct assault on the two generals charged with the responsibility of protecting the body from offensive intruders. Well back to my example. Here we have a simple problem for which most people would take pain killers with the above mentioned side effects. The easy effective and safe solution is to correct the cause that is moisturize the eyes by utilizing an eye dropper!

Another example of simple safe solutions is what I consider to be the cure for the common cold and accompaning allergies. This is something I learned theoretically from the indian culture and first had experience as a result of keen observation. The nose is said to be a filter for the important portal responsible for getting oxygen to the cells. The nasal passages consists of mucus membranes that provide a heaven for the thriving of bacterial cultures. When these bacterial cultures take up residence in the nasal passages and begin thriving and reproducing the body responds by creating more mucus in an effort to expel them. The results is the common cold and allergies. The not so obvious and direct solution here is to clean the filters regularly and disenfect these areas with saline solution. The indians as a part of their culture habitually did this on a daily basis to prevent and cure these problems. I discovered  this accidentally also by keen observation. I recalled living on the corozal bay when working for the customs and excise department and taking a daily swim in the sea before getting ready for work. The one thing I can remember clearly as a chronic colds and allergies sufferer was the fact that during that time I was completely free of these conditions! So my question was why? Upon closer examination I realized that when swimming in the sea a natural flushing of the nasal passages and filter takes place resulting in cleansing and disinfecting  of our filter! So I make it habit now to flush my filter daily with a saline solution comparable to the that which naturally exist in mother natures oceans and in so doing I have been able to say good bye to colds, allergies and even the flu. Simple,  effective and safe!

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