Month: September 2012

The Body Clinic’s Rapid Fat-Loss & Muscle Toning Programs

When was the last time you woke up feeling refreshed or attacked the day with a spring in your step? Is your life marked by regular visits to the family doctor or expensive specialist who struggle to find out what’s “wrong” with you? Do you gulp down powerful drugs to fight off the ravages of the following conditions? Hypertension Type

If You Want To Lose Fat-Stop The Confusion Right Now!

If you’ve ever spent even 2 minutes on the internet, it’s pretty clear that  there is no shortage of weight loss, fat loss, and diet advice out in the world  today. In a way, this is kind of a good thing. If someone is motivated to  lose weight and change the direction of their health, they’ve got a ton of 

If You Snoose You Lose……21 Days Rapid Fat-Loss Program!

The time is rapidly approaching for the commencement of our 21 Day Rapid Fat-Loss program and believe it or not there are still a few spots open . And since it’s only $50 the spots are going like hot cakes But you can still get one of the few remaining spots if you call me at 600-4475 or reply to this

Four Quick Breakfast Ideas……The Most Important Meal!

As any dieter will tell you, skipping meals is a no-no when trying to lose weight! Skipping meals slows down your metabolism, makes you hungrier at your next meal, is a sure signal to the body to store fat, your ability to be selective goes out the window, you are most likely to over eat and it could alter your

10 Steps To a Healthy Low GI Diet For Everybody, Everyday, Every Meal!

❏ Eat seven or more servings of fruit and vegetables every day ❏ Eat low GI breads and cereals, especially whole-grain versions ❏ Eat more legumes including soybeans, chickpeas, and lentils ❏ Eat nuts regularly ❏ Eat more fish and seafood ❏ Eat lean red meat, skinless chicken, and eggs ❏ Eat low fat dairy foods or calcium-enriched soy products

How To Create A New You In three Steps!

Are there things about yourself that you’d like to change? Your weight, your habits, and maybe even your outlook on life? We are trained to think that change is hard, that it takes time. But it really doesn’t have to be. I’m here to argue that lasting change happens in an instant. I understand that this goes against mainstream belief.

Health & Fitness is Not a “12 Week Program”

Not long ago, one of the members of my programs came to me for some advice and assistance. She was a 46 year old mother of two. She had been working out sporadically, with (not surprisingly), sporadic results. On that particular day, she seemed to have enthusiasm and a twinkle in her eye that I hadn’t seen before. “I want