Month: October 2012

What If I Miss A workout?

First off… don’t. Missing a workout not only increases your chances of gaining every pound you’ve lost, it also increase your risk of accelerated fat accumulation by 217% over the course of the following 24 hours. OK, THAT’S TOTALLY NOT TRUE! But who hasn’t felt that way after missing a day at some point? Your mind goes crazy– worrying about

Why Lifestyle Changes Are The Only Answer

Lifestyle Changes for Healthy Weight Loss Have you ever wondered… Why do so many diets end in failure? Why is it so easy to gain lost weight back? And why can’t you maintain your ideal weight at all times? If you’ve tried every quick-fix fad diet under the sun, you realize they can help you lose weight instantly. Unfortunately, keeping

Keep Hunger At Bay By Eating More Often…..Every 2 hours..

For all you folks who are tired of hearing me say this and think “Ed don’t know what he is talking about!” or “Ed must be crazy” Hear it form Dr.Saman Backhtiar himself!

Do You Have the Courage to Get Off High Blood Pressure Medications for Good?

BP NEWS – Brandon, SD – If you’re sick and tired of being addicted to blood pressure medications – this is the most important message you’ll read today… By: Joe Barton, Leading Natural Health Publisher High blood pressure is a ticking time-bomb…silently strangling your organs…slowly over time. It’s the root of multiple health problems and it can kill you –

The 15 Simple Nutrition Rules Everyone Must Follow For A lean Healthy Body!

These days how is anyone supposed to lose fat, and keep it off, following the slew of complex dieting programs out there? You know, the ones where they tell you to eat low-carb one day, high-carb the next, never mix fat with carbs, and forbid you eat after 7pm. Well I’ve got news for you… these diets DON’T work, and