What If I Miss A workout?

What If I Miss A workout?

First off… don’t. Missing a workout not only increases your chances of gaining every pound you’ve lost, it also increase your risk of accelerated fat accumulation by 217% over the course of the following 24 hours.


But who hasn’t felt that way after missing a day at some point? Your mind goes crazy– worrying about gaining back what you’ve lost, where to start over, feeling that extra fat pinch that you swear wasn’t there yesterday and maybe doing a little freaking about whether your momentum is spinning down the drain. I’m sure we’ve all been there but don’t go giving yourself mental karate chops and black eyes. Missing a workout is going to happen here and there. The important thing to remember is this: Don’t Panic. And if the first step is “Don’t panic”, the second step is “Put it in perspective”.

The Perspective

Your fitness results are a journey– a journey of small steps and choices that lead you to a body you never thought you could have and a new mental energy and focus that goes beyond just looking good in the sizes you wore in high school. It’s not overnight and in most cases, neither is weight gain or strength loss after missing a workout. Muscle gains can be lost over weeks and months, but missing a day or two won’t set you back too much.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this to give shelter to any excuses. Dedicating yourself to your program consistently (every day but your “rest day”) is the only way to get optimal results. Don’t skip a workout just “because” or under the fake promise of “I’ll do it (or two) tomorrow.”

What To Do

If you genuinely miss a day,  just start where you left off. In my case, I value the resistance workouts so I’ll make sure to get those in even if I lose a cardio that week. I’m OK with that. Some people may double up on a workout by doing one in the morning and one at night. As I always say, “Don’t overthink it” and personally, I think that’s overkill through “workout repentance”. Just take the next step forward and don’t look back.

In the case of missing a week, start where you left off. In cases where it’s been two weeks or more due to medical problems or an injury, I’d suggest beginning of the week you “dropped” out of. If you need to start “easy”, begin with the transitional rest week and go into the program the following week. If we’re talking a month or more, square one is a great place to start.

Either way, don’t beat yourself up but always make sure you get back into it the next day and do your best to Dig Deep and Bring It!

The famous motivational speaker Les Brown puts it in perspective:

“Its not a matter of ‘if’ but a matter of ‘when’ you will fall. Orchestrate the fall. Fall on your back because if you can look up you can get up. If you fall flat on your face you may never get back up! Keep getting back up and you will get there”


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