Month: January 2013

Belize Fit Body Clinic’s Weekly Newsletter

  We are now in the month of Febuary. ==>For those who have already fallen off the wagon click here are 10 ways to get back on and stay on<==. By popular demand this program is now open. You can jump in and commence your 6 weeks at any point Name Email: Cell Phone: The whole start up process is

The Real Food Challenge

Processed foods, additives and chemicals are inferior to real food and are potentially harmful to your health. So why do you still eat it? Why do you still eat that packaged granola bar and snack on those whole grain crackers? You may think that heart healthy label means something, but it doesn’t hold a candle to real food. What is

The SEXY House Wife Weight-Loss Program

What we call here at the body clinic “The Busy House Wife Syndrome!” Are you concerned about keeping your sex appeal and keeping the home fire burning? Recently had a baby? Don’t let baby fat get you down. Here at the Body Clinic we specialize in fat torching and muscle toning! We are the only Weight Management consultant & Strategist