The SEXY House Wife Weight-Loss Program

The SEXY House Wife Weight-Loss Program


What we call here at the body clinic “The Busy House Wife Syndrome!”

Are you concerned about keeping your sex appeal and keeping the home fire burning?

Recently had a baby?

Don’t let baby fat get you down.

Here at the Body Clinic we specialize in fat torching and muscle toning!

We are the only Weight Management consultant & Strategist Specializing in Defying The Aging Process.

We specialize in doing two things exceptionally well
1.Burn Fat
2.Tone & Build Muscle

What’s more we have a track record of accomplishing this in the shortest possible time!

So here is the deal: we are in the process of putting together a program targeting busy housewives who are looking to lose weight, take back their good health, improve their sex appeal – and beef up self esteem in the process

busy_housewifeHave you been really busy doing for everyone else and finding yourself with no time left to do anyting for yourself?

We would like about 12 people to work with in a pilot program to complete the streamlining of this program.


Here is what you need to know:
1.This program will be at Body 2000
2.We are thinking best time would be about 10am Mon thru Friday ( we are of course open to suggestions as to best time of the day)
3.We are thinking a 3-month up front commitment program
4.Program will include group training, nutritional & lifestyle coaching
5.Meal plans
6.Monthly weight management workshops
7.FREE monthly Body Diagnostics
8.Support in the form of emails, text messages, monthly newsletter, discussion forums

If you are interested in being a part of the pilot group or being in the actual program, please email us at with the subject line “SEXY House Wife Weight-Loss Program” or call / text 600 4475 referencing

“SEXY House Wife Weight-Loss Program”

Ed Williams

The Body transformation Specialist

Tel: 600 4475

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