Belize Fit Body Clinic’s Weekly Newsletter

Belize Fit Body Clinic’s Weekly Newsletter





We are now in the month of Febuary. ==>For those who have already fallen off the wagon click here are 10 ways to get back on and stay on<==.

By popular demand this program is now open. You can jump in and commence your 6 weeks at any point



Cell Phone:

The whole start up process is automated and simplified, you simply follow instructions. After you have filled out the form above and click “Get Started Now” an automated email will be sent to your inbox. Go to your inbox now, open this and click on the confirmation link . Now this program is not for every one so if you are not serious about accomplishing of your health and fitness goals then please do not click the confirmation link. This is a double opt in process, an extra hoop to have to jump through to make sure you are committed.  When you click on the confirmation link the hidden getting started page on the website automatically opens and you can follow the simple instructions  as follows:

Step #1: fill out the adjacent form to make sure you are subscribed to our weekly newsletter. Make sure you complete this step or you will lose out on ongoing nutritional and lifestyle  coaching, 70% of this program! Along with additional resistance training instructional videos etc.
Step #2 : Call to book your appointment for your body diagnostic (You can book all 3 or whats left). Note these are by appointment only!
Step #3: Click on the link to open the program resource page. Here you will find everything you need to guarantee your success. Be sure to print the Physical Activity readiness questionnaire fill it out sign it and bring it with you to your body diagnostic or first group session. Its important that we have this on file before you begin the group training. Also included here is you personal tracking chart where you can record your results and chart your success. You will also find on this resource page a wealth of information about weight management, nutrition and lifestyle in the from of downloadable ebooks for your reading pleasure. Please make full use of them!
Questions?   call , text at 501 600 4475 Or email me at


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