5 Reasons To Drink More Water

5 Reasons To Drink More Water

Water keeps your body running—it helps regulate your body temperature, keeps your joints cushioned, protects your spinal cord and other sensitive tissues, and gets rid of waste through sweating, peeing, and the like, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It helps you lose weight –In a study published in the journal Obesity in 2010, adult dieters who drank a bottle of water before each meal for 12 weeks lost more weight than the dieters who didn’t drink the water beforehand. We’ll drink (water) to that!

It prevents kidney disease– People who consume the most fluids have a significantly lower risk of chronic kidney disease, according to a 2011 study out of the University of Sydney in Australia.

It can make you run faster and safer– In a 2011 study, 14 runners completed two sets of laps—one in which they showed up hydrated and got water during breaks, and one in which they had to limit their fluid intake during the run and for 22 hours beforehandWhen they were able to get their hydration on, the runners had faster times and lower gastrointestinal body temperatures and healthier heart rates post-run.

It’ll put you in a better mood– In a study published last year in The Journal of Nutrition, mildly dehydrated young women experienced headaches, fatigue, worsened mood, and difficulty concentrating. Yikes.

Ready to drink up now? Start with 1 litre first thing in the morning before you put any food in your stomach. Then take a hourly 5 min stretch break and drink a 8 oz glass of water throughout the day.

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