Overcoming FEAR!

Overcoming FEAR!

fear_false_evidence_appearing_realIf there were ever two elements in life that would guarantee that your life would suck, that you’d experience zero success in anything you do, and that you’d be miserable in every way – it’s living
in a state of fear and doubt.

Most people experience fear and doubt throughout life.

It’s normal…

It’s part of life…

And I bet head shrinks would even say SOME small levels of fear and doubt are probably healthy.

But if you ask me what the top two reasons are
that destroy dreams, kill ambition, and stop most
people from achieving their goals in life, I’d tell
you it’s FEAR and DOUBT.


And even a little is too much.

Here’s what happens…

On new years eve you tell yourself…”New year new rules”.
Start the year right…….
First day of the year you are in the gym….

So a couple weeks later you wake up wondering what happened?

It all starts with what I call tramp thoughts that creep into your mind.

First the negative self-talk begins (sometimes without
you consciously even knowing it).

The negative self-talk leads to limiting beliefs, actions
and behaviors.

The limiting beliefs, actions and behaviors lead to
self-sabotage and a sorry “attempt” at doing
something good for yourself.

You get paralyzed from over analyzing things.

And nothing feels better than saying “I tried but it
didn’t work out” when really you had programmed
yourself to fail along.

But self-pity feels good. It makes it “not your fault”.

And so the cycle continues.

Like I said…

…FEAR AND DOUBT ARE A …. %$&* and they create
a vicious cycle of failures in life.

But there is a way to overcome fear and doubt
and achieve your goals in life.

First you gotta know where both of these feelings
come from.

FEAR, when you distill it down to its core is UNCERTAINTY.

DOUBT, at it’s core level is FEAR OF FAILURE.

Take a look at the state the world is in today. The global
unrest, the economy and mega businesses failing left
and right have people living in UNCERTAINTY and in

But like I said, there is a way to overcome this $%&*
and achieve your goals in life.

And it’s easier than you think.

Just fail more often! And when you do get up, look
fear in the eye and get back in the saddle.
Works for me. Believe me I’ve had my fair share of failures
and will probably have more. I’m fine with it though
because I know it’s part of the game.

I don’t know crap about baseball. But I do know that
Babe Ruth struck out WAY more times than he hit
home runs. But everyone knows him as the home
run king.

What if Babe Ruth dropped the bat and walked off
after his first strike out in front of a full stadium?

Could you even imagine that?

Fear and doubt are the two most TOXIC things that
can occupy your mind and thoughts.

Here’s an exercise to help you overcome uncertainty
and fear of failure.

Find something that brings you some level of fear or
doubt when you think about it. BUT it has to be
something that you can overcome RIGHT NOW
and not months from now.

Example: Heights might freak you out. GOOD…look
it in the eyes and and go
sky diving THIS WEEK.

My point is this. The minute fear and doubt enters your
mind about anything, go out and do SOMETHING that
puts you out of your comfort zone and proves that you’re
an action taker. Even if it’s not related to your fitness goals,
you’ll instantly get the courage to get and stay on track
and acheive not just your fitness goals but any other goal in life.

This is something that my first mentor taught me years
ago and I’d say its why I’ve accomplished (and failed) so

Hope it helps you too 🙂

Committed to your success,
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