4 Moves To A Backside That Will Make Everyone Jealous!

4 Moves To A Backside That Will Make Everyone Jealous!

Are you ready for your hot pants this carnival season? Do not despair Ed Williams, The Body Transformation specialist is Here 🙂

I am talking about four moves that we are incorporating into the body clinics signature work out as of today. You can practice them at home or come out and join us at Rogers Stadium Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 5:30 to 6:30am or Monday through Thursday 5:30 to 6:30pm the choice is yours…..

Here they are:

First do some sun salutations and hip stretches to warm up then…



Chair Pose:

                         Begin standing with your feet together. Bend your knees and drop your hips, brining your weight into your heels. Drop your tailbone, firm your front ribs in and lift your arms up shoulder-width apart. Keep your shoulders relaxed in their sockets, and rotate the outer edges of your arms inward to broaden your upper back. Gaze upwards. Hold for eight breaths.



Warrior 111

Standing on one straight leg, lean forward with your chest until it is in line with your lifted back leg and parallel to the ground. Extend your upper chest and gaze forward as you flex your back foot, keeping your leg straight and all of your toes pointing down. Stay here or extend your arms straight out in front of you and keep them shoulder-width apart or join your palms together. Hold for eight breaths.



Revolved Half Moon:

Start in a standing forward fold. Place your fingertips on the floor and sweep your right leg up to a 90-degree angle behind you (or enter from Warrior III, placing your fingertips onto the ground). Keep your hips square and move your base fingertips under your shoulder (the hand opposites your standing leg should be down). Revolve your chest toward your standing leg and firm your base shoulder blade to open your chest. Reach your top arm up until it points straight to the ceiling. Stack your shoulders while keeping your hips square. Hold for eight breaths.



Side Leg Lift:

Come into a standing forward fold. Hook one of your big toes and keep your other hand on fingertips on the ground. Stack your shoulder over your fingertips and lift your big toe and leg up to the side so that it’s parallel to the ground (or close to it). Firm your standing hip to keep it straight as the other leg goes higher. Hold for eight breaths.

Now Tell me …..Who is looking out for you? Are you ready to sculpt the kind of backside that will make your friends jealous? Call or text me at 600 4475 so we can get started now!


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