Month: August 2013

The Lack Of Discipline and Will Power…….Modern Culture’s Role.

After working with a large number of people with weight management problems, I have come to realize that the biggest issue is that most people lack discipline and will power.  Most people in the world follow some kind of religion. But while self-discipline is one of the most integral parts of religion, it is curious that so few possess this

Carbohydrate Confusion

    There’s lots of information and MIS-information or half truths out there. One of the misleading topics is the issue of carbohydrates: carbs are good, carbs are bad, avoid carbs, don’t avoid carbs…on and on. Diabetes is on the rise. As well, there are many that are ‘border line’ diabetic and their doctor may be telling them that they

At the link below, I am going to show you the #1 fat-burning meal of ALL-TIME, and how by eating this simple meal twice daily, you can shed fat easier AND more quickly than ever before.  Even better, you can prepare this simple fat-melting meal in less than 60 seconds. In addition I will show you how you can get the

10 Ultimate Body Transformation Secrets

Hi, I am Ed Williams, The Body Transformation Specialist. So many people want and need a physical makeover—a total-body transformation. And so many people have made resolutions to make it happen. But the usual result is that they fall flat, some after only a few weeks! Why is it so difficult for so many? Is it lack of motivation? Is it weak will-power