Easy Tips To Get Fit And Lose Fat ….Inerview With Shawna Kaminski

Easy Tips To Get Fit And Lose Fat ….Inerview With Shawna Kaminski


shawna-150x150This month’s interview is packed with tremendous healthy-living and fitness tips from our guest Shawna Kaminski, who is a fitness and health expert and author of Female Fatloss Over Forty.  Shawna not only has a lifetime of fitness experience, but has degrees in education and kinesiology.


Shawna has worked with HUNDREDS of women struggling with a slow metabolism, a thickening waist, low energy, and a sense of hopelessness.  She was nice enough to spend some time with us and we got some amazing tips from her including:


  • immediate and easy changes women can make to their lifestyles that will have an impact on their weight…


  • How to make easy, simple diet choices and avoid all the misinformation and information overload regarding what to eat!


  • How to eat well when eating out


  • What are the best exercise programs for women, and specifically women over 40?


  • How to get a fantastic workout at home when you are have busy schedule and no equipment


  • Then #1 factor to keep in mind when trying to lose weight and stay healthy


And much more!!!  Get a FREE gift from Shawna at her site at:  where you can also get more info on Shawna and her best-selling program.





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