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Okay for all you folks that don’t get it, it is not acceptable to join a group just to post ads for unrelated stuff you are trying to sell. That is downright obnoxious, selfish and inconsiderate. People don’t join a group so inefficient and untrained sales people can vomit all over them. Each group has a subject of interest that the group is built around and in the case of this one its health and fitness, weight loss etc. So anything posted here that is not related will be removed and the perpetrator banned period!

Now let me give you some pointers about how to establish yourself in groups and forums, avoid offending people and getting kicked out.
First picture this:
You move into a new city. You don’t know a single soul in your new neighborhood. But one day you walk out of your house and spot five or six of your neighbors standing on the sidewalk talking. What a great time to introduce yourself to several new people at once! The normal approach would be for you to wait until you see a lull moment in the conversation, apologize for your intrusion, and then properly introduce yourself. Your neighbors are likely to warmly accept the “intrusion,” introduce themselves back to you and perhaps ask you a few probing questions. After a short while, you’re likely to go back into your house so that the group could continue with the conversation.
Let’s imagine for a moment that instead of using the above approach, you instead walked right up to the group of new neighbors, pushed a couple of them aside so that you could get inside their circle, and then starting loudly spouting your strong minded opinions about whatever you want to talk about.
How well would that go over with your new neighbors? Not very well at all.
The same is true for a group or forum. A forum/group is a community of like-minded people . There are certain unwritten rules and etiquette rules you are expected to always follow. And just like any other community, forums also have networks of people who know and subsequently trust each other – and they’ll definitely be taken aback if you just burst onto their forum (their homely community) and act like an intruder rather than a new guest. Here is a step by step plan for establishing yourself in a group or forum:
1) Make sure you are joining for the right reason and ask o joing
2) Lurk for a while and get to know the group and the members
3) Start posting but don’t be too eager in other words don’t bombard the group with lots of post you will automatically be branded as a spammer!
4) Build your reputation.
Want to know where I got this info?I got a FREE handbook about networking & marketing if you are interested here:

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