Are You Negative? Its Definitely Affecting Your Results

Are You Negative? Its Definitely Affecting Your Results

Its time for an attitude adjustment!


I am talking to you ……..yes you !

Its time to identify the negative thought patterns that have kept you from reaching your goals….And Gleefully Crush Them!

Tony Quinn nailed it! how and what we think has a direct effect on our physical health!

Even prehistoric Egyptians and Mesopotamian s knew that mental health and physical health were related one reflected the other. A 13th century philosopher, Nichiren Daishonin put it like this “The outer appearance never fails to manifest the inner nature”.  King Solomon of Israel wrote, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones”

Today these theories have been substantiated by sound scientific research. The link between stress, disease and body composition is now an established fact! Steven Masley M.D. president of the Masley Optimal Health Center in St Petersberg and author of the 30-Day Heart Tune Up, puts it like this, “Uncontrolled un-managed stress clearly increases aging in hundreds of ways. Brain shrinkage, loss of muscle, decreased bone mass and an increased risk   for heart disease and stroke are but a few of the possible side effects of stress. Not to mention sleep loss and elevated cortisol which has been linked to abdominal fat storage and an imbalance in the hormones that regulate hunger and satiety.

Not convinced? how about the fact that stress incites negative thoughts and according to research conducted at Duke University this   can lead to disease! Hmmm time to kick these tramp thoughts to the curb wouldn’t you say? But wait there is more…..A study published in Psychosomatic Medicine found that “Negative Ruminations”-those negative TRAMP thoughts that sometimes seem to run through your head in an endless loop-can actually cause physical pain and slow the body’s healing processes.

Harold Koenig M.D. The centers director said.”Negative thoughts particularly anger, resentment as well as pessimism causes major health problems. Increased stress can impair immune function and may possibly exacerbate autoimmune disorders

Friedemann Schuab, M.D., Ph.D, former cardiologist and author of “The Fear and Anxiety Solution” agrees that our thoughts have no impact on the body until they get translated into emotions. This in turn creates a ripple effect that has a huge impact on our health and well-being.

Okay enough of this technical mumbo jumbo. Whats the bottom-line here? Positivity, laughter and forgiveness impacts your results one of which is your metabolic age. When you release negative tension by forgiving yourself and others. letting go of grudges has been shown to lower blood pressure, decrease heart disease risk and reduce stress hormone levels

Change your thoughts change your life


Most people are walking around subconsciously asking themselves negative questions thus entertaining negative thoughts like:

  1. Why am I so fat?
  2. Why can’t I get in shape?
  3. Why can’t I lose weight?

Simply changing the question to something positive yields results because of how the brain is wired. Changing the thoughts we have is tiny hinge that swings an enormous door.

First things first lets identify the negative thoughts that sabotage our efforts. These generally fall into the following categories:

  1. Mind reading: I can’t go to the gym because other people will think I am too fat!
  2. Catastrophizing: This is going to be so difficult!
  3. Minimizing: this isn’t going to help at all!
  4. Fortune telling: I know I will make a fool of myself!
  5. Black & White thinking: I fell off the meal plan today so I may as well give up!

There are several ways to restructure these damaging thought patterns and belief systems:

  1. Activate experiences: Start working out and follow a Solid Nutrition plan
  2. Identify the negative beliefs that come as a result of your action. Once identified they are easier to quell!
  3. List the consequences if each belief and how that negative thought makes you feel!
  4. Dispute and debate the negative belief, talking yourself out of it and releasing its hold on you!
  5. Feel the new positive emotions such as excitement and motivation that come from realizing the negative thought is untrue!

Use these steps to identify and then get rid of any negative thought patterns that could be holding you back. Once FREE from their hold you will be healthier both mentally and physically and will be unstoppable!

Creating A Mental Blue Print



It has long been known that an increase in the body’s lean muscle tissue causes an increase in metabolism; the rate at which the body burns food and body fat for energy. This scientific key factor unlocks the mystery of body fat loss. A unique study in psychology was conducted to discover which part of the mind, if any, plays a part in changes in body composition and fat loss. The study showed that the more a person focused on a mental blueprint of themselves in optimum shape, the more they were able to sculpt their body to that image. Not surprisingly, this whole practice of mind over matter has largely been ignored.

Mind Over Matter

The subjects of a study conducted became like sculptors using weight-training and mental power as their chisel. In particular their attention level was shown to have increased and they were able to focus better while performing an exercise. Consequently the greater mind power applied to the exercises resulted in a greater output of physical power. Whether male or female they could lift heavier weights. In turn this caused an increase in lean muscle tissue, a subsequent increase in their metabolic rate and a decrease in body fat.

Their Bodies Changed At The Rate of One Pound A Day!

Additionally, the subjects of this study were encouraged to eat a natural low-glycemic diet and take certain food supplements. Again, because of their clear mental blueprint, they were more motivated to comply. As their body composition improved at the rate of almost a pound a day, the subjects realized that they were in control. This rapid visible change caused the group to become even more motivated and ensured the results ‘on average’, across all participants, were spectacular.

The Control Group

Of course as in any proper university study there was also a control group. This is a group that must do everything the experimental group is doing, i.e. the same weight training, diet and supplement programs. However the psychological part of the program was omitted. This group therefore tended not to apply the same level of focus to their training, and were not able to achieve their full potential. Their lack of focus resulted in an inability to lift heavier weights and a loss of muscle. Muscle loss causes a reduced metabolism and ultimately a fat gain.

==>Torch The Fat Tone The Muscle<==


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