Quick announcement and a favor……

Quick announcement and a favor……
So I’m standing on my porch the other day observing…Yes inspite of my busy schedule I take the time to smell the roses!
Anyway, so I am standing on my porch watching people standing in line for chinese fry chicken at Kick Down fence…I was a bit startled at the number of people standing in line who were clearly beyond just obese but could be classified as morbidly obese.
In the sampling of people That was in line there weren’t any who were considering the damaging effects eating food soaked in old over used high temperature trans-fat! They were here to eat fry chicken.
This forced me to think about people and what they want for themselves vs what I want for them. I know I could help them lose weight and get in better shape…but then I started to think that perhaps they just don’t want that for themselves. By the way would you believe that Belizeans send request all the way from the US for Kick Down Fry Chicken? Absolutely amazing !!!!
Maybe I’m incredibly biased assuming that everyone wants to have a great looking body…I know I do, but who am I to assume and project what I want onto everybody else.
But many of those people I saw are not thinking about their calories, or how that meal was going to fit into a sensible balanced approach to eating. They were just adding on to the pile.
Those calories they were about to eat were almost certainly going to be stored as another layer of fat never to be burned off.
I guess if these people have made peace with their body and totally accept it as it is, then why would they care what they eat or how much. If this truly is what is going inside their heads then they’re not in the weight loss game at all. They’re happily sitting on the sidelines gaining more and more weight.
And this is the point of this email and the reason I titled as I did. If you don’t even allow your mind to entertain thoughts of losing weight then you’ve effectively removed that stress from your life. You’re safely on the sidelines and out of the game…BUT the trade off is  huge! There is no hope of losing weight.
In other words, you can’t lose a game you’re not in.
But on the other hand if any of those people really do care about their body and specifically losing weight, then they gotta get in the game and start making better choices.
I’m not saying Kick down Fence fry chicken is off limits….what I am saying is you have to commit to the process, get off the sidelines, get in the game and start to make things happen.
Nobody is going to make your weight loss happen for you, this is something that has to come from you for you…you gotta get in the game.
Getting in the game could mean getting started with the No #1 Fat Burning/ Muscle Toning Boot Camp in Belize
“ Rapid Fat Loss & Muscle Toning Boot Camp”
or getting a workout buddy, or a confidential text messaging buddy to help hold each other accountable. You got to get in the game some how or the other and the absolute worse thing you can do is “nothing”.
Our programs have all the tools you need to transform your body inside and out no matter what your age, stage of life or fitness level. Even if you have never exercised before in your life!
And guess what? we are taking it up a notch or two this holiday season. We are almost ready to roll out our new and improved “Holiday Fat Buster Formula” program to enable you to lose weight over the holidays instead of gain!
Yeah you heard that right………..I did say LOSE Weight instead of the usual holiday gains!
But before we do  we want to make sure we are not overlooking anything
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