How to Fight Your Food Addiction And Win.

How to Fight Your Food Addiction And Win.
How to Fight Your Food Addiction And Win.

So lets get some things straight here:

  • People that are addicted to food have been put into a “prison for the mind,”. Food decisions are often made without thought, stomachs are full and yet more snacks are consumed, and unhealthy meals become more and more appealing and rewarding with each passing day.
  • Most people are unaware of this ‘prison’ and continue to eat whatever they want, whenever they want.  Unfortunately ignorance isn’t bliss here, as it usually results in OBESITY, decreased quality of life and an early exit. Click here to review “The Health Risks Of Being Over Weight”
  • Agents exist to keep us within that prison. These agents are restaurant food and consumer product creators, who painstakingly test different combination of unhealthy ingredients to stimulate our senses to make us more addicted to their products.
  • You are reading this which means you’re aware the food addiction exists, and you want to get out.  Once you break free, with a little help, you can pay it forward by inspiring others to break free as well.
  • I am here to open your eyes, set your mind free, and help you break out.  What you do after that is up to you.

In the real world, forces exist to keep us fat, addicted and complacent. They are scientists, marketers, product-testers, chefs, and entire companies who dedicate their existence to making unhealthy food that is more appetizing and addicting than ever before.  They spend countless hours testing out different ratios of sugar to fat to sodium to find the highest balance of ‘addiction,’ applying different layers of food on top of each other to create new sensations that envelope your senses and make you feel amazing…for about 20 minutes.

Not cool.

Here’s how it works: when you reward yourself with sugary candy, a high-calorie sodium-filled meal, or super-processed junk food, your body feels a little bit happy for a while.  However, after that happiness wears off (which happens quickly), your body returns to normal but craves that happy feeling again.  Each time you eat that particular type of food again, your body gets more and more trained to eat poorly to chase that happy feeling.  Yeah, it sounds like I’m talking about a drug addiction right?, well food addiction is no different.  Like crack cocaine, these foods are designed to suck you in and not let go.

Now, don’t start blaming these forces for your predicament; they’re merely programming. Moreover we can’t fault the food industry for trying to make tasty foods; they are in business to make money.  When the public votes with their wallets and makes a dent in the bottom lines of the companies, then and only then will theychange what they offer.

If you look at a bowl of M&M’s and suddenly can’t think of anything else, then you know what I’m talking about.  It’s why you can eat an appetizer from Chili’s or Cheesecake Factory (which is often more calories than a normal meal should be), and then still eat an entire meal (which is way oversized): these meals have been scientifically-engineered to appeal to your emotions and be tremendously rewarding to your stomach.

Stop! Here is your new programming-that was the old you, the one who was trapped.

It’s time to take responsibility for your actions, learn from, take a deep breath, and break free….

Free Your Mind

We are creatures of habit, which means overeating and eating unhealthy foods are no longer choices made, but rather habits that exist within our mind from repetition over a long period of time. This is why you might instinctively reach for a pint of ice cream after work every day despite not being hungry – the initial reward of “oooooh ice cream makes me happy” kept you coming back until it became part of who you are.   Now, it might seem like you no longer have a choice in the matter, that you can’t function without that ice cream after work.

This is untrue.

Repeat this affirmation now: I am not a hopeless/helpless victim – no matter how strong the emotional pull of food may be, I ALWAYS have a choice. Repeat this first thing in the morning, before each meal and last thing at night before you drift off to sweet slumber.

That choice to say no and resist only last half a second before your stomach takes over, but nevertheless it does exist.  You are 100% in control of your life and your destiny.  Every choice you make, every day brings you closer to your goals. The choices that take you farther away from them is not an option.

We come into this world with four capacities:

  1.  Body (PQ)
  2.  Mind (IQ)
  3.  Heart (EQ)
  4. Soul/Spirit (SQ)

We have a choice. We can exercise our power of choice, develop all 4 in alignment with Universal principles or become victims of the cumulative effect of neglect and ultimately have tremendous regrets at the moment of death!

Now repeat this affirmation: Just as I have conditioned my body to crave these foods automatically, I can and will reverse the process and condition my body to resist bad food and eat properly.  It will not be easy and will require an incredible amount of willpower, but I will do it no matter what! I am not going on a diet, I am making permanent, fundamental changes to my eating habits.

Lets Begin By Getting Your Head Together!

  1.  Recognize the situations that cause you to overeat, where they come from, how you felt before you started eating, and so on.  Once you are aware of these scenarios and stimuli, it will be easier for you to fight back.
  2. Change your habits NOW. If you drive home every day past a Burger King and you can’t help but stop for a Whopper Jr. with cheese, it’s time to pick a different way home.  If you come home from work and immediately plop down on the couch while eating a bag of chips, instead come home and IMMEDIATELY go for a brisk walk outside.  This is how you will start to break the old ones and adopt– NEW HEALTHY HABITS.
  3. Change how you eat as well as what you eat! Start nourishing your body 6 times a day to keep hunger at bay . Hunger makes you a victim for Restaurants these days, they all give us meals that are twice the size they should be.  You no doubt eat more calories per day than you realize too.  Write down what you eat, check out how many calories are in the meals you’re used to eating and start training your brain to recognize how much food is right, and how much is too much. Lets re-instate GRELIN & LEPTIN (The hormones that let you know when you are hungry and when you are full)
  4. Focus on the long term result, not the immediate pleasure.Yeah, eating a family-size bag of peanut M&Ms might make you feel good for half an hour, but you know deep down inside that long-term, this is a terrible idea.  Instead of focusing on the immediate pleasure of those M&Ms, concentrate on how good you will feel later on that day from having not eaten them, or how you’ll feel when people start to ask “Hey, have you lost weight?” I used to love fast food. Now, the thought of a greasy, over processed, low-quality cheeseburger made and frozen in a factory four months ago sounds absolutely disgusting to me.  This is how my father quite smoking old turkey! He utilized a principle we used back in the days to potty train a puppy. Rub its nose in the shit! In other words create strong negative feelings towards these bad foods while embracing positive thoughts of NOT eating the bad foods, and those ‘chains’ that are holding you down will start to come loose.
  5. Set rules that you WILL not break no matter what, removing emotion from the equation.Our brains and stomachs are tricky, and once you bring emotion into the equation, all bets are off.  Before your head and heart get involved, set rules!
    • I don’t eat French fries. Not even one.
    • I don’t drink soda. Nope.
    • I don’t eat candy. I know eating one will lead to many more.
    • I don’t eat while driving, only when sitting at a table.
    • I don’t eat at my desk while working, only for lunch in the break room.

    When these rules are ingrained in your head, then your decision to avoid those foods will be easier because there’s no saying “oh just this one” because we know how quickly one fry, M&M, or potato skin can turn into the whole box/bag/plate. Set rules that cannot be broken under any circumstances.

  6. .Surround yourself with your support team.    Ask yourself who do you have helping you out on your quest to break free?  If you live with friends, ask for their help – ask them not to bring home crappy foods or suggest unhealthy restaurants when going out.  If you’re married with kids, work with your spouse to prepare good foods and set new habits with healthy cooking and healthy meals for the entire family. I can never understand those parents that are now trying to eat healthy but continue to give unhealthy foods to the kids! What is the rationale here? Your fellow bootcampers and I  here to give you support and hold you accountable! If you are not yet a member of our family click here for more info. If you are feel FREE to call or text  me or another member in your moment of weakness!

Fight Back and Break Free

Here’s how you’ll win:

  1. Suite up, Show up or Shut up! No more excuses, no more “woe is me,” no more “I can’t do this.”  You have a choice, you have control, you have a chance to turn your life around.  Start believing in yourself today.  And then get it done.
  2. Replace chaos with order. Restaurants, vending machines, and fast food places make their money off of your impulse buys, making up your mind for you.  There is only one way to control what goes in your temple and that is to take reins, find the time to prepare it yourself or do like Oprah hire a chef that you can control 100 %!Those are your options!   Plan out your meals, read restaurant menus before dining out and DO NOT DEVIATE FROM YOUR PLAN.
  3. Eat high protein, high fiber meals. According to the book, studies have shown that protein is the most satiating macro-nutrient, as it empties the stomach at 4 calories per minute.  Compare this with simple sugar, which empty the stomach at 10 calories per minute, which means you’ll get hungry much quicker.  Fiber-filled foods tend to be satisfying as well, because they’re assimilated by the body more slowly.  Lean meats, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts.  Jump on it.
  4. When you fall down, get back up. Fighting these agents and trying to break out of the Matrix isn’t going to be easy, and you’ll definitely have some fights that you can’t win (on a long road trip and only fast food places are open, cousin’s wedding, Labor Day BBQ, etc.).  Remember, this is NOT a character flaw, but a biological challenge.  Who cares if you slipped up?  Dust yourself off, get back up, and keep at it.
  5. Train consistently. Exercising is a fantastic way to help you keep your weight off.  Not just because of the calories burned, but the constant “I’m getting healthy” mindset it instills.  You won’t stop to eat a dozen donuts if you just went to the gym, because you know you would quickly undo all of that hard work.
  6. Fight back. This is a battle you can win, but only one if you are dedicated to the cause. All I can do is show you the door.  You are the one who has to walk through it.

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So what do you think: Can you really be addicted to food? Have you broken free before?  Are you struggling with it now?  Have any advice for your fellow freedom fighters?

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