Certain yoga postures are a great primer for sex. Before doing any of the workouts, start with this basic yoga flow for around 10 rounds to help you limber up.

  1. Reach your arms overhead and bend forward, reaching toward the ground.
  2. Place hands on the ground and jump or step your feet back into a plank position.
  3. Slowly lower yourself down into a pushup position, until you are on the ground. Then leaving your legs down, push your upper body up and off the ground while arching your back.
  4. Look straight up into your upward facing dog pose.
  5. Come back down to the floor and push your hips towards the ceiling into downward facing dog. From this position, jump or step your feet back up to in between your hands and slowly come back to standing, stretching your arms overhead.


MISSIONARY METHOD: Build your core and glutes.

  1. The plank with leg lift is a multi-functional exercise that improves stability throughout the core, spine, and hip regions. The exercise also strengthens the lower back while improving hip mobility.

plankwithleglift          plankwithleglift2

Begin in the top of a pushup position with your hands directly beneath your shoulders. Your body should form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles. Tighten your abs and lift one leg off the ground until it’s at hip height, pausing for a moment before returning to the starting position.


1. Do not allow your back to round.
2. Squeeze your abs and glutes to maintain stability throughout the entire exercise.
3. Do not allow your torso to rotate to either side when you lift your leg



DOGGY DRILL: Build mobility for a strong thrust.

  • Fire hydrant kicks increase flexibility and mobility throughout the core and hip regions. This exercise functions as a warm-up to prepare the lower body for physical activity.


Get on your hands and knees on the floor, making sure to keep your knees and hands hip-width and shoulder-width apart, respectively. Your knees should be bent to 90 degrees, directly beneath your hips. Tighten your core and, without moving your hips, raise your left thigh out to the left side of your body, keeping your knee bent the entire time. Without dropping your hips or moving your left knee, straighten your left leg by kicking it out to the left side. Retract the left leg by bending the knee and then hinging the hip to lower it to the starting position. Repeat on right leg.


  1.  Avoid hyperextending or arching your lower back at the top of the movement. Keep your torso square and facing the ground throughout the entire exercise. The movement should occur at your hips.
2. Focus on contracting your glutes throughout the exercise
  • Hip circles are a dynamic warm-up exercise that improves mobility and flexibility of the hips while strengthening the glutes and hamstrings. This exercise also engages the core.


Sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of you. Lift your legs, keeping them straight and together, and lean back onto your forearms. Your fingertips should be tucked under your lower back. Brace your core and make circles with your legs. Pause, then repeat in the opposite direction.


1. Avoid bending your torso. The motion should come at the hip joint.
2. Do not swing your legs to prevent momentum from doing the work for you.




COWGIRL’S CORE: Stoke your stroke with a strong core and hips.

  • HANG CLEAN:  You will need barbells


Stand holding a barbell with hands at shoulder width and feet hip-width apart. Bend your knees slightly and then bend at the hips until the bar is just above your knees. Explosively extend your hips and shrug the bar. Let the momentum carry the weight up to your chest and then flip your wrists so you catch the bar at your shoulders.

  •  The kettlebell swing builds power and explosiveness in the hips and lower body. This exercise also increases strength in the lower back, core, and shoulders, and is also one of the most metabolic exercises. The swing is important because it trains the hip hinge movement, which is essential to exercises such as the deadlift and all bent over rows. The exercise also increases glutes activation and improves strength on other lower body lifts


Hold a single kettlebell in both hands with an overhand grip and feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees slightly while pushing your hips backward, keeping chest lifted, and hinging your torso until it is parallel with the floor. Allow kettlebell to drop between the legs with arms fully extended. Explosively push your hips forward while squeezing your glutes. Let the momentum from this movement propel the kettlebell to shoulder-height without relying on arm muscles to do the work. Allow the bell to swing back down and repeat the movement.


1. Keep your back flat during the exercise to avoid injury.
2. Be sure to completely finish the rep and squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement.
3. Avoid bending forward at the torso. Instead, move by hinging at the hips.
  • The barbell hip thrust with bench increases strength and power in the hamstrings and glutes. The exercise also improves stability throughout the core and lower back.


Lie with your upper back supported on a bench and your feet planted on the floor in front of you. Hold a barbell across your hips. Lower your hips down so your glutes almost come in contact with the floor. Pressing through your heels and squeezing your glutes, return the barbell to the start position.

1. Push through the heels, not the ball of the foot.
2. Squeeze the glutes and pause for 1 second at the top.
3. Do not hyperextend the neck — keep your head in place.
LEGS OVER SHOULDERS: Build a strong back and hamstrings. 
  • The barbell deadlift builds total-body strength by targeting the lower and upper back, hamstrings, quads, traps, and glutes. The exercise also increases core strength and stability. It is known as one of the best total body exercises for strength, building muscle, and fat loss.
Bend at hips and knees, and grab a loaded barbell with an overhand grip about twice as wide as shoulder-width. Without allowing your lower back to round, stand up and thrust your hips forward as you squeeze your glutes. Pause, then lower the bar back to the floor while keeping it as close to your body as possible.
1. Avoid rounding your back throughout the movement. Focus on keeping your chest up and your back flat.
2. Avoid bouncing the plates for the next rep. Instead, reset after each rep and let the bar come to a dead stop.
3. Keep your head inline with the rest of your body and avoid overarching at the neck.

*Make sure shoulders are back and back is flat, holding at the top of the row for a second is key for perfecting your posture.



Lie face down and raise arms with a slight bend in your elbows while squeezing your shoulder blades together and keeping your chest on the bench. Hold for a 2 count at the top of the lift and slowly lower back down to the starting position.

SPOONING SETS: Build endurance for side positions

  • The TRX suspended jackknife increases power, strength, and stability throughout the core. Performing the exercise from this suspended position also builds strength in the chest, shoulders, and triceps.


Attach a TRX to a pullup bar and let the stirrups hang about three inches off the floor. Place your feet into the stirrups so that the top of each foot is facing downward. Position your body in a pushup position with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Brace your core and drive both of your knees towards your chest. Pause when your knees are directly under chest and reverse the direction back to starting position.


1. Don’t let your hips sag. Maintain a straight line from your head to heels.
2. Keep your core braced throughout movement.
3. Squeeze your abs and glutes to maintain stability.
4. This exercise can also be done with a stability ball.


  • The side plank with leg lift strengthens the core with a slight emphasis on the obliques. The movement also demands a high level of balance, stability, and coordination.


Lie on your side and position yourself on your bottom elbow and side of your foot. Lift your hips in the air, forming a straight line from ankles to shoulders, and brace your core. While keeping your torso stable, raise your top leg without bending your knee. Do not let your hips drop. Return to starting position.


1. Don’t allow your hips to drop. Maintain a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles.
2. Do not let your torso move or sway from side-to-side as you raise your leg.



LOVERS’ LIFTS: Strong arms and traps are a must.


  • The dumbbell shrug is a variation of the traditional barbell shrug that effectively targets the upper trapezius, while creating symmetry throughout the upper back region.


Grab a set of dumbbells, stand tall, and allow your arms to hang by your sides with your palms facing each other. Keeping your core tight, raise your shoulders toward your ears as high as possible. Pause, and then lower the weight back to the starting position.


1. Pull the weight up in a linear fashion. Do not rotate your shoulders forward or backwards.


  • The dumbbell upright row is a compound exercise that targets the lats and traps muscles, while increasing mobility throughout the shoulder complex. This is a good upper back strengthening protocol.


Grab a pair of dumbbells with an overhand grip and hold the weights in front of your thighs with your palms facing your body. Keeping the weights as close to your body as possible, pull the dumbbells up toward your chest. Your elbows should remain flared out during the movement. When the dumbbells are at chest level (and not your chin), pause for 1-2 seconds, then lower the dumbbells back to the starting position


1. Avoid using momentum to move through the exercise.
2. Make sure to raise the weight through a full range of motion.
3. Avoid allowing the weight to move away from the body. Instead, keep the weight close to the body throughout the exercise.




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