As I often say “Results is the name of the our game”

So toxicity in our environment has reached an all-time high! The reality of the matter is that man shit (Please excuse the French) in his nest and now we all have to live in it. Our bodies are constantly bombarded from all different angles with by Toxins and FREE radicals, second hand cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes from vehicles, chemically processed food not to mention personal care and home hygiene products that do more damage than good to the human element. It all breaks down to the three portals by which these toxic chemicals gain access to our body as follows :

1) Inhalation

2) Ingestion

3) Absorption

We are at an all-time high when it comes to the bombardment of the human body via these three portals. Our liver and kidney the two generals responsible for leading the battle are constantly under siege to the point of being over worked. As a result we have quite a build-up of visceral fat. Detoxification now has to be an inherent part of any weight loss program. There is a barrage coming in and not enough outward passage!

The problem: Accumulation of toxic chemicals in our body and the resulting sensitivity and accumulation of body fat results in poor health, obesity and all the other complications it brings with it. Well for the pessimistic it’s almost a hopeless situation. The optimistic would say things like “winter never fails to turn into spring” and “The darker the night the nearer the dawn” and personally I believe the dawn has arrived in terms of being able to see a way out of the madness!

Doctor Beckler likened out situation today to that of a Frog being slowly cooked and unaware of this. He said if you put a frog in boiling water its strong hind legs would as a matter of reflex save its life. But if you put him in a pot with room temperature water and slowly turn up the flame he will be cooked before he realizes it. This is what’s happening to us in this day and age and the situation can get really dire if we don’t snap out of it! What is the solution?

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