In today’s blog post I would like to share some important info with you. Inspite Of eating healthy it’s important to supplement because of the fact that the source of our food in this day and age is depleted. This is an important lesson I learned over the years in my quest for healthy living as we age.

One of the results of evolving from gatherers to settled communities cultivating the same lands over and over is that the source of our food eventually becomes depleted. Which affects the nutrient density of our food even when we are able to eat clean. For example According to the report, “Still No Free Lunch”, food scientists have compared the nutritional levels of modern crops with historic, and generally lower-yielding, ones. Today’s food produces 10 to 25 percent less iron, zinc, protein, calcium, vitamin C, and other nutrients, the studies show.

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Of course when I say SUPPLEMENT I am not talking about just any supplement since 99% of those on the shelves are not just a downright flushing money down the toilet but can also cause other health complications resulting from suspect additives. They become what members of the nursing community call, BED PAN BULLETS! They go straight through our bodies and are flushed down the toilet!


Because they are treated for shelf life with an impenetrable coating even the acidic environment in our digestive track can’t break through.

So what’s the solution ?

Here is my suggestion:

Joint venture with a company that has the resources and has been “Enhance The Lives Of They Touch By Helping People Reach Their Health & Wellness Goals” for more than THREE DECADES! One that does not complete on the shelves of the supermarket. One that has invented a distribution system that eliminates the need for preservatives by shipping freshly manufactured consumer products directly to the end consumer.

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