The formula for wealth is PLAN =>ACCUMULATE /SAVE =>INVEST=> COMPOUND! Most people working a JOB (Acronym for Just Over Broke) Find it impossible to save. There is always more month after the pay check. It’s bad enough that with the JOB some one else decides how much you are worth and you are told by big shot CEO’s that when they want your opinion they will give it to you. As if all that is not bad enough you carry the tax burden and constantly get the shaft from financial institutions. Not to mention the fact that you pay yourself last which is like throwing the paycheck up in the air and telling your spouse: “Hey Hun what falls on the ground is yours and what stays up there is mine”. So you have a problem with the first and second step of of the equation for accumulating wealth. No wonder most find it difficult if not impossible to save. In addition to all that as an ignorant consumer you are shafted again when you shop at your local grocery store. The savvy consumer shops online for better safer more cost effective stuff hence are able to take better care of their health. The ignorant ones on the other hand have to buy what the merchants choose to import and Of course they choose to import the stuff that they can get cheap and markup the most. Some try to stretch there dollars by shopping at the 99 cents store only to expose themselves to all those hazardous products that have been taken off the market! So in this day and age with the internet we can live anywhere on the planet and shop globally for what we need or want! But to do so we have to be able to make electronic payments online otherwise we are doomed to pay the local merchants huge markup and allow all the middle men to have their hands in out pockets. Did you know that when we make purchases within the conventional distribution system 63cents out of every dollar we spend goes into the pockets of middlemen?

That means out of every hard earned dollar we spend we get back only 37 cents in value! This is crazy that’s why if you snooze you lose! Most of us living in Belize are snoozing whilst the Merchants get rich! Bob and Mike Hotschandani came to Belize as some broke merchants selling fabric. Today they are multi millionaires. Mike practically own the entire free zone whilst Bob owns a major share in Atlantic Bank! That’s what they want you to do throw your hands up in the air and give up trying. The simple laws of success in life is 1) See your Target 2) Keep it in your sights 3) Hit it until you hit it! In other words like Winston Churchill said NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE IN! Put your hard earned money into a fixed deposit and use it to get a secured credit card without having to jump through all those hoops. Better still use electronic checking. All you need is your account number and a routing number from any bank that operates internationally and you can use that to shop online. Like Robert Kyosaki says rich people go after assets whilst poor people in an effort to look like the rich chase liabilities. Are you ready to learn how you leverage a current spending into an asset with unlimited potential? Are you ready to attract a reliable income from home? I suggest you not just watch but study this training video:

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