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From The Bottom Of My Heart I Want To Say Thank YOU!

It’s Thanksgiving day in the US. And whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving today, or if you’re in another country enjoying just another Thursday, I wanted to take a moment to give YOU a heart felt  thanks… …for being a loyal reader of our blog/Newsletter, a client, and a friend. I’m very blessed to have the opportunity to serve the industry that I

A Woman’s Body “The Most Highly Sophisticated Health System If Only We Knew How To Appreciate It!

Patriarchy Results In Addiction This is one of the most powerful statements if we can truly understand what it really means. Lets ponder this…. Our Judeo Christian heritage, the fabric of western civilization sees “The Female Body” and female sexuality (Our Nurturing Mothers and sisters) in the person of Eve as responsible for the downfall of mankind! Men pause for

Celebrate With Us The Launch Of Our New Value Added Memberships

Now You Can Get Even More Bang For Your Buck! Celebrate With Us The Launch Of Our brand New Value Added Memberships. It’s What You Have Been Waiting For! When The Best Joins Forces With The Best What Do You Have? The Absolute Best Deal! The Radisson and Royal Wellness Center….. We Have Sealed The Deal So You Can Reap

Caring Is Contagious Please Help Us Spread It Around

Here at  Belize Fit Body Clinic we have one and only one marketing strategy its called: CARING Here are our commitments, Competitors beware! You may “out-smart” us, but you will never “out-CARE” us. You may know more, but you will NEVER CARE MORE. You may have more experience, but you will never have more CARING. You may make more money, but

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