How To Create A New You In three Steps!

Are there things about yourself that you’d like to change? Your weight, your habits, and maybe even your outlook on life? We are trained to think that change is hard, that it takes time. But it really doesn’t have to be. I’m here to argue that lasting change happens in an instant. I understand that this goes against mainstream belief.

Feeling Blue?

If you’re feeling depressed or stressed then studies show that you’re probably going to overeat. And when you gain weight from overeating you’ll end up feeling more depressed and stressed. How is this vicious cycle broken? With a consistent and challenging exercise routine.

Find Your Why and Fly!

Motivation comes from having a goal. What is your goal? Why do you want to get into great shape? Take a minute to really uncover the reason that you want to lose the weight. Don’t say something vague like you want to ‘Be thinner’ or ‘Look more attractive.’ Dig deeper – there is a very specific motivator in your life,

The Pledge

Your workout is one of those times when its okay to be selfish! Think me first, me second, me third…………. When was the last time you took a flight on an aircraft? What did the flight attendant doing the demo say? Always affix your oxygen mask first. Remember you can’t help no one if you can’t even help yourself. So