Fighting Pain

Are You Killing Your Knees?

When was the last time you skinned your knee? It’s probably been a while since you experienced this commonplace ailment of rough and tumble youthful times. But even if your grown-up ways have made frequent knee scrapes a thing of the past, your habits in adulthood could still be damaging your knees. The only difference now is that the damage

6 Easy Exercises For Knee Pain Relief

Stair Step-Ups Place your left foot on the first step of a stairway and your hand on the wall or banister for balance. Slowly step up onto your left foot so you are standing tall on the step with your left foot, and your right foot’s off the ground. Hold for a second, and then step back down off the

Joint Pains Slowing Down Your Progress or Causing You To compromise Your Fitness Goals?

If your answer is yes or you know someone, read on I have some very good news for you! Besides another season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey there’s one other thing we wouldn’t mind seeing go away… Pain! Like many of you, a number of my clients suffer from joint pain. Age and wear-and-tear have got to the point

The Truth About Pain Killers:Consider Carefully The Compromise You Are Making When You Take Over The counter Pain killers Like Tilenol and Others

I consider myself very fortunate to be born first son of a strong proud Belizean man. My dad Edward Williams Sr. introduced me to the world of health and wellness half a century ago. As of date, here I am, still hooked on this healthy addiction! My dad was a role model to me in many ways. I believe I owe

12 Natural Ingredients Safely Fight Pain Better Than Dangerous DRUGS

By Rob Poulos…   You’re not still using NSAIDs (anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen or prescription versions) for back aches to help get you moving again, headaches, sprains, arthritis, and other nagging pains, are you? You already know they give only temporary relief, but did you know this is because they do not fix the underlying cause of your pain, and