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5 Foods To Never Eat And 5 Healthy Substitutes…

The world of fitness and weight loss is often confusing, with contradictory information swirling about. I’m going to cut through the confusion and make things really simple for you. Below is a list of 5 foods that you should never eat. These foods will derail your fitness and weight loss efforts every single time. In addition, I will suggest a

Yoga: Fitness For The Whole Body

Yoga is an ancient system of personal development encompassing mind, body and spirit. It is now embraced by modern science and by millions of Americans. Yoga can benefit anybody, from babies to seniors, and can be adapted for any body, from pregnant women to hardcore athletes. Take a class and see why yoga is often called the fountain of life.

Body Diagnostic Consultation

Did you know that… only 11% of the population take the initiative towards the accomplishment of their health & fitness goals? Here’s another interesting fact for you… only 2% of the people who take the initiative actually get results – Why? Well the truth is that they embark on a journey without some very necessary tools,accessories and resources for example a coach / mentor