Stress Management

What If I Miss A workout?

First off… don’t. Missing a workout not only increases your chances of gaining every pound you’ve lost, it also increase your risk of accelerated fat accumulation by 217% over the course of the following 24 hours. OK, THAT’S TOTALLY NOT TRUE! But who hasn’t felt that way after missing a day at some point? Your mind goes crazy– worrying about

Common Behavioral Symptoms of Stress

  Obesity and Over-eating Increased or excessive drinking of alcohol Loss of appetite or anorexia If you smoke – you’ll smoke more Increased coffee consumption Excessive and continuing irritability with other people Substance Abuse You can’t make decisions, large or small. Unable to concentrate – (common symptom of stress) Increased and suppressed anger Loss of your sense of humor Paranoia

Common physical symptoms of stress and anxiety

Emotional/cognitive symptoms Feeling irritable Feeling frustrated at having to wait for something Feeling restless Unable to concentrate Becoming easily confused Thinking about negative things all the time Having marked mood swings Eating too much Eating when you are not hungry Finding it difficult to concentrate Not having enough energy to get things done Feeling you can’t cope Finding it hard