The Importance Of Exerting ourselves

The Importance Of Exerting ourselves

Sunrise in Beautiful PlacenciaGood Morning! This is why its so important to rise up early. Just look at what we miss out on it we don’t.
In the course of my morning meditation I read this quote and felt compelled to share it with anyone who cares to listen. Its from a book of daily quotes from my mentor Daisaku Ikeda entitled “Wisdom For Modern Life” and I quote,
“People shouldn’t hesitate to exert their all, in a way true to themselves. How can you possibly ever know how far or fast you can go if you never run all out? To give up even before you’ve tried is actually arrogance-an affront to the wondrous power of life within you and disrespective to yourself. It is cowardly!”

Capow #$@%& Right between the eyes! Now tell me isn’t that powerful?

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