This Weeks Orange Walk Boot Camp Workout Routine

This Weeks Orange Walk Boot Camp Workout Routine

Warm up: Repeat 3 times with water break in between

  • Step tap
  • Step pumping arms with high knees
  • Easy Run
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Power Jacks
  • Kick buts
  • Knee lifts
  • Mummy


  • Neck
  • Triceps
  • Shoulders
  • Midsection
  • Ham Strings
  • Hip flexors


  • Major Muscle Groups Combinations
    • Clean & Jerks : 25 reps
    • Kettle bell swings 25 reps: we haven’t done these as yet so I am not sure if you are familiar with these. This exercise begins standing upright with dumb Bells overhead arms straight. As you begin to squat swing the dumb bells downward toward the floor and between your legs. Bend your knees and bring dumb bells as close to the floor as possible. Then straighten you knees and swing dumb bells back up to starting position
    • Dead lifts : 25 reps
    • Active rest : 30 Jumping jacks
    • Repeat for 3 sets
  •  Midsection
    • Dumb bell Bows to abs stretch 30 reps
    • Stretch backwards for the count of 20 arms over head for another 20
    • Dumb bell side to side to side (Love handles) 30 reps
    • Stretch each side for the count of 20
    • Dumb bell upright twists 30 reps
    • Dumb bell bent over twists 30 reps
    • Repeat for 3 sets with no rest
    • Hold plank for the count of 10
    • Rock it forward and backward on elbows and toes for count of 10
    • Side to side (Love handles) for count of 10
    • Knees to elbows for count of 10
    • Repeat for 3 sets with minimum rest

Cool Down

  • Slow stretches to release tension
    • Neck
    • Shoulders shrug drop
    • Heel squat upright
    • Heel squat leaning forward
    • Heel squat leaning backwards
    • Seated lower back and ham string stretches routine
    • Breathing exercise
    • Finish

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