Survey Questions

Survey Questions

My Esteemed Subscribers and Supporters

The holidays are here and we are right on the verge of launching our new and improved Holiday Fat Buster Formula program to be able to lose weight instead of gaining over the holidays! Yes you heard me right I did say lose weight instead of gaining over the holidays!

We experimented with this last year and achieved a measure of success but since then we have been refining and improving the process and I must say that we have come a long way. So this year we will focusing on enjoying the holidays and working out when we can. We have computed the numbers and tightened things up quite a bite in order to guarantee the weight loss.

However we need your help before we can finalize everything. We need to make sure we have left no stone unturned this time around. We want to present the right program at the right price!

That’s where you come in. Please take a few minutes to answer the super short survey- there are really only two questions we want to ask you:

1) What are your two top questions or  concerns about losing weight during the holidays that we absolutely must cover in this program?

2) bearing in mind that we want to create win win here. We want to make this program low risk and affordable to the average Jane & Joe, would you be willing to pay $97 to lose weight over the holidays?

Please provide your answers in the comment section below and note that the first 2 individuals that post a comment below for this year gets into the program for FREE! The next 3 gets in for half price and the third 5 gets a 25% discount! So here is your chance to save even more money on an already deeply discounted program! READY!

On your mark—-set ———go!!!!!