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Hi I am Ed Williams,

The Body Transformation Specialist

So are you ready this?

Yes  this was the most awesome thing I’ve stumbled upon to help my clients’ burn more fat and get into shape faster. I am talking about  The BFBC 2xBurn “Double The Results In 1/2 The Time” 6 Weeks Rapid Fat Loss & Muscle Toning Program.

Notice I use the past tense “was” why?

Because we are taking things to the next level! Constant improvement is my motto.

Let me explain…

I’ve been working on my new and improved The BFBC 2xBurn “Double The Results In 1/2 The Time” Vitality FAT FURNACE program that packs a knock out punch…….Body FAT Beware! Not only will you burn more calories while  working out – but you will keep burning extra calories even after workout.

Sounds crazy, right?

The post workout calorie burn is actually called “after burn” and it only takes place when a few critical factors are accomplished during the workout.
I won’t bore you with the details of the science behind “after burn”, but what I can tell you is that if these few critical things are done during your workout, then you can expect to have an elevated metabolism for up to 48 hours or more AFTER your workout.
Pretty sweet, huh?

Now, just the “after burn” factor is amazing in itself because it’s almost like getting twice the workout results from each workout thereby optimizing your time.

B-U-T I figured out a few ways to Turbo-Charge results… and one of these ways has NOTHING to do with science.

Say what?!

Yep, this way of burning more fat and getting faster muscle toning results has nothing to do with exercise science at all.

It’s actually all about human psychology…

See, what I figured out was when I train in a group setting they actually workout harder. (human nature is to compete I guess) So then I got to thinking that if I can put together a body transformation challenge where I can train my clients in a group, for a period of time (six weeks), and give 3 participants with the best transformation a cash prize then you’d really see amazing results!

Makes sense, right?

So here is what it looked like before:

[My special “BFBC 2xBurn Double The Results In 1/2 The Time” workouts ]+ [a body transformation challenge] = [FAT LOSS, body toning, belly flattening, and sexy arms, legs and butt].

All this may or may not sound familiar to you thus far but here is where we take things to next the level.

Fact is I have been running these 6 Weeks Program for a while now and did learn a few things. In the FAT LOSS equation the workout is 30%  the other 70% rest squarely with nutrition and lifestyle and here is where a number of clients have challenges. I believe our result could be much better if we get some help in this area which is the reason I have decided to add an optional selection of products that are essential to optimum FAT loss. I am talking about Blood sugar stabilizer, Fat burners, Meal replacements, Fiber Supplement, crave blocker,Hydration optimizer and more! If you have been frustrated by lack of results or simply wish to turbo charge your results in your weight loss effort this is for you, HELP HAS ARRIVED. We have now truly removed all the guess work and included all the pieces of the weight loss puzzle 70 % Nutrition & Lifestyle 30% Exercise! This program is the absolute first of its kind and will be documented with full diagnostic and before and after pictures.

So here is what it looks like now:

[My special “BFBC 2xBurn Double The Results In 1/2 The Time”  workouts]+ [a body transformation challenge]+ [Key FAT LOSS supplements] = [massive fat loss, body toning, belly flattening, and sexy arms, legs and butt]

This program will include:

1) Ongoing Nutrition & lifestyle coaching (As usual). Most are of the mistaken opinion that they need to lose weight to be healthy. This of course stems from a symptomatic approach to health & wellness. Our bodies let us know something is wrong in 3  ways:

  • PAIN:This gets our attention and usually we want immediate relief so we pop a pill! Thereby making the Pharmaceutical companies richer while we assault two of the hardest working organs in our body. See for yourself by reading the label on pain killers (hint: you will find it on the box not on the bottle. Can you guess why?)
  • FEVER: Usually a symptom of infection
  • SWELLING: Symptom of an unhealthy lifestyle.



2) Natural & Safe weight loss supplements for GC control, Blood sugar stabilization, Fat burning, Dietary Fiber, Crave Blocking, hydration and much more (New HELP HAS ARRIVED).

3) Effective group training: High Intensity interval and resistance training

4) And last but not least Monthly diagnostics accountability and support!

Now the rest is up to you.

Here is what you need to do:


Call 615-4475 to take the 90 day challenge with the awesome weight loss supplements & get 12 weeks FitnessGameChangernyr program FREE


If your wish pass on the products for  



Now here’s what I expect AVERAGE results to be on this body transformation challenge.

Men can expect to drop at 25 – 32 pounds of fat and gain and tone muscle

Women can expect to drop 12-24 pounds of fat and gain and tone muscle


on average men can expect to lose: 6.5 inches from their waist and women can expect to lose 4.8 inches from their waist

Yes, all this in a few weeks.

Here’s the deal: If you wish to be a beta tester for this program you have to take action ASAP!  I’m only taking on 20 participants because I want to give every participant lots of attention.

And at the end of the 6 week transformation challenge I’m giving away cash prizes. In other words I will pay you to lose the weight! (actually everyone will win since there’s going to be a LOT of inches and pounds lost).

So if you are interested in dropping 5-8 inches off your waist in the next 4 weeks (plus a pile of weight) then call or text me to reserve your spot ASAP 🙂

Body Transformations in Progress

The Vitality FAT Furnace 4 Weeks program

This programs includes accountability and dynamic resistance training, all designed to get you the body you want in a safe, fun and non intimidating atmosphere. Every workout session at the moment is lead by me personally and is designed to be fun, supportive and challenging, while torching maximum fat in minimum time and toning muscle not to mention of course igniting the after burn!

This means you will be burning fat all day long!

Personalization is the key to getting the best possible results which is why my programs are flexible enough to fit your individual fitness level and daily life circunstances . Our motto for group training is: “DO YOUR BEST AND FORGET THE REST”

         Our workouts are done in a group setting with music which makes them fun, motivating, challenging and it keeps the cost affordable compared to the private one on one personal training sessions. So you will get the results you want for a fraction of the cost.

Now I know what you may be thinking

  • You have little or no time for yourself to get in shape
  • You have trouble sticking to a fitness routine
  • You hate working out for hours in a gym without seeing results
  • You lack motivation to get in shape
  • You don’t know where to start

But… Don’t worry, We’ve Got You Covered! With our After Burn effect combined with safe effective FAT loss supplements (Optional) you can achieve Faster Fat Loss in less than an hour a day in a Fun, Energetic, Non-Intimidating Atmosphere. Plus you’ll be melting fat, building lean toned muscle and kicking your metabolism into high gear!  That is why Love TV chose ME as their in-house Health & Fitness Coach-I GET THE JOB DONE FAST!

You can be back in your skinny jeans and rockin’ that little black dress in only 45 minutes 4 times per week!

Call 615-4475 to take the 90 day challenge    with the awesome weight loss supplements & get the 12 weeks FitnessGameChangernyr program FREE


If your wish pass on the products for now and  


Take a Look at A Few Of Our Transformations!!!













Here’s What You’ll Get With Your Vitality Body Transformation Challenge!

  • Drop 13 to 29lbs of Ugly Fat Without Counting Calories
  • Drop 2 to 3 Dress Sizes
  • Lose 3-8 Inches From Your Waist
  • Personalized Done-For-You Menus and Grocery Lists
  • Unlimited coaching.
  • FREE Body Diagnostic Consultations
  • Top Secret “Cheat-to-Lose” Guide
  • Guide To Dietary FAT!
  • Snacking guide
  • 6 Weeks Of *UNLIMITED* Access to All Session
  • Safe Effective Weight Loss Supplements (Optional)
  • New Vitality For Life Weight Loss Manual, A step by step guide to your idea body weight

Transformation Challenge Highlights

    • 6 Weeks of Bootcamp Style Group Training

      You’ll get unlimited access to our belly fat torching bootcamps that utilize our advanced “afterburn” techniques, boosting your metabolism for up to 48hrs after the workout.

    • Targeted Nutrition

      An easy to follow nutrition plan, with custom menus and grocery lists to help you get there! Plus personal nutrition consultations if you need extra help or have specialized needs PLUS

      Safe Effective FAT Loss Supplement with absolutely no side effects



And Last But Not Least Win *CASH* & Prizes!

So here is how it works:

Our group sessions are in 6 weeks intervals but for convenience we will do diagnostics at 4 weeks intervals. Your 6 weeks begin when you get started. Everyone begins with an Baseline Body Diagnostic Consultation during which before pictures, baseline body circumference measurements and body composition readings are recorded. Progress Tracker Body Diagnostics will be done monthly. Every 12 weeks We hold an awards ceremony. At which time all numbers are tabulated to determine the largest percentage of FAT loss, along with attendance records and a coach-ability score to determine the winners. The challenger with the highest score will claim a $250 cash prize ($150 for 2nd, $75 for 3rd).

Everyone Loses -and Everyone Wins!

6 Weeks of Unlimited Fat Melting Boot Camp SessionsThat Will Create A Tight & Toned Body Fast!


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    $127=$20 annual registration for the entire 6 weeks / ALL sessions inclusive.  Less  than the cost of a cup of coffee per session to test drive the no 1 weight loss program plus Body Diagnostic Consultations along with ongoing Nutritional & lifestyle Coaching.

  • or

  • Click here to check out our 90 Day Challenge and get the bootcamp FREE

  • Plus the following program resources:

=>6 Week Meal Plans

 =>Recipes for meal plan

 =>Snacks guide 

=>Cheating Guide

 =>And more!!!! 


Call 615-4475 to take the 90 day challenge with the awesome weight loss supplements & get the FitnessGameChangernyr program FREE


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